SuperPro Performance Lightweight Alloy Control Arms Mk5 / Mk6

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SuperPro's Mk5/6 Lower Control Arm Kit is the ultimate way to increase performance both on the street and track! With substantial weight savings and the ability to more precisely dial in your suspension, you really should have a set of these!


What are we replacing?

Front lower control arms and bushings (left and right). As well as the two lower control arm brackets. This kit includes SuperPro's world famous poly bushings. Don't worry, they're already installed!



These awesome SuperPro Control Arms are 44% lighter than your stock units. Not to mention, they come with the famous SuperPro bushings already installed. This kit features anti-lift geometry which results in increased traction and greatly reduces understeer. Simply put, you'll feel the difference immediately. It's a no brainer!


SuperPro vs. The World

Do you ever get tired? So do your control arm bushings. The question is, do you want to simply replace your bushings? Or, would you like to purchase a ready-to-install kit that offers you increased performance with a killer lifetime warranty? We vote the latter, because who wants to break out a press and start pressing bushings on a Saturday? Nobody.


What else do I need to know?

While you will notice that these arms are almost half the weight of your stock pieces, you'll also instantly notice better performance and turn in through the corners. As with nearly every SuperPro product, there is zero NVH when these pieces are installed - feel free to carry on a nice convo when you're apexing the corner! 


*Note: Factory LCA Stretch Bolts should not be reused upon installation of new brackets and arms. We offer replacement bolts as an option with this kit.*