Front Lower Control Arm Bushing Kit - Front Position

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SuperPro's Polyeast front lower control arm bushing kit is a simple and inexpensive way to increase both driver feel and handling. 


What are we replacing?

The SuperPro SPF4175K replaces the following pieces on your vehicle:


  • Front Left and Right Lower Control Arm Bushings and Crush Tubes - located at the forward position of your front lower control arm.



Why not? When we talk about bushings, we always like to think in terms of return on your investment. This is easily one of the best mods under $50 for your MQB platform car! 


SuperPro vs. The World

The age old debate of 'why SuperPro?' We know there are countless options for bushings, literally countless. However, SuperPro is one of the only brands that offers a performance mount option without massive increase in noise vibration harshness felt in the cabin. The sercret is in the Polyeleast compound used to produce these amazing pieces - it allows for a substantial gain in performance without giving you that terrible NVH of the competing brand. Not to mention, SuperPro parts are backed by a lifetime warranty. There really isn't a reason for you to purchase anything else!


What else do I need to know?

Actually, not much. For this kit, it is highly advised that you use a hydraulic press to remove and replace your bushings. 


Installation Instructions for SuperPro SPF4175K