CSF Race MQB Volkswagen Quadruple Pass DSG Water/Auxilary Engine Radiator

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CSF is proud to announce the release of its highly anticipated MQB cooling components. Finally, an aftermarket high-performance cooling solution now available to tackle the many overheating issues that have plagued this otherwise great track-worthy platform. The Ultimate MQB cooling system, exclusively by CSF, is designed to keep engine water, as well as both transmission and engine oil temperatures in check and at optimal levels, even under the most demanding race conditions. By utilizing CSF’s new suite of coolers in either a 1,2, or 3 piece configuration, it allows drivers the ability to unleash their car’s full potential for extended periods during racing conditions.



  • Oil temperature seems to be consistently much lower by around 10-15°C (50-59°F), allowing me to use all of the revs all of the time without a care for oil temp. It sits at around 125°C (257°F) max now and I’ve never seen it go above 130°C (266°F) (this used to happen after around 2-3 “fast laps” with OEM set-up).

  • Oil temperature now peaks and flat lines throughout the sessions. Before it would slowly grow to around 130°C (266°F) and then rise uncontrollably, very quickly and then not be able to cool down. Every time you would jump back on the throttle to drive fast, the oil temperature would spiral out of control again (talking 14°C+ (284°F with EASE). 

  • Engine coolant temperature does not go above 100.5°C (212.9°F)