3rd Gen Integra Complete Kit with Analog Management


Looking for a clean, simple and reliable management kit that won’t break the bank? We’ve got just the solution for your problem, it’s the analog management kit. While some may claim to have developed this kit, we’re going to go ahead and say that we were selling these kits while others were still using AutoPilot V1 manifolds. We decided to build a kit around the industry’s best known and most reliable manifold – the VU4. This management kit puts a new school spin on an old school management kit and keeps that wallet full!

What's in the box?

  • (1) AccuAir VU4 Manifold
  • (1) AVS 7 Switch Box
  • (1) AVS to VU4 Plug and Play harness
  • (1) Aluminum Tank of your choice
  • (1) Compressor of your choice
  • (1) DOT Fitting Kit
  • (1) Line Cutter
  • (2) Dual Needle gauges
  • (1) 50ft roll of 3/8” Air line
  • (1) 50ft roll of 1/8” Air Line


Lower your Integra, improve your handling, and get control over your suspension!  This is the most versatile choice for suspension on today’s market; go from the street to the show floor with the push of a button.  These air-over shock kits are designed to give you maximum performance with our 9-way adjustable damping system—previously only found on high-end coilovers. This allows you to tune the ride and handling to your liking.

With the performance side covered, let’s talk about style and versatility.  Adjust your ride height with the flip of a switch (something that coilovers will never do).   Wheel gap never helped anyone win a car show or get you noticed!  Tuck those rims up where they’re supposed to be—  this kit will set you on the ground, let you clear speed bumps, and get in and out of driveways without scraping your ride.  Not only that, but you’ll also get the remarkably smooth ride that air provides.

As the leader in air suspension products for over 60 years, Air Lift is committed to delivering quality parts that last. To ensure longevity for the customer, the key suspension components have been tested on a durability rig for over one million cycles, which equates to 100,000 miles. With a one-year, unlimited-mileage warranty, you can purchase this kit with peace of mind. Installation is simple—with only basic hand tools required to complete the job. 

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