'05-'11 e90 3-Series AWD Complete Kit with Air Lift 3P Management

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  • High Grade

    No compromise has been made, using the best components and materials in existence.

  • Advanced Processing

    The state-of-the-art 32-bit processor powers advanced height + pressure algorithms for the most precise 4-corner control.

  • Single Harness Connection

    The system comes with a simple and streamlined wiring harness for an easy and clean install.

  • Fully Integrated

    Less components to buy and install with the ECU, manifold, and Bluetooth in one.

  • Built-in Bluetooth

    No antennas, hardware, or additional accessories are needed to connect your mobile device to the manifold.

  • Accelerometer

    The system detects the movement of the vehicle and makes accurate and intelligent adjustments at the right time.

  • Limitless Mounting Options

    The compact design, harness connector location, and rotatable logo plate all allow for limitless placement options.



Improved Design

Our engineers focused on creating an improved height sensor arm with an angular design to ensure increased sensor life compared to straight-arm designs.


Height Sensor Compatibility

Connect any existing compatible height sensors to 3P, or easily upgrade with the height upgrade package, and you now have 3H.


Slim Connection

3H height sensor cables have tiny connectors, which mean they have the ability to fit through many existing holes in the vehicle's frame and body. No more drilling large holes!


Tailored For Your Ride

No-drill height sensor brackets for popular applications will soon be available from Air Lift Performance, making installation faster and easier (COMING SOON).



Like our other suspension products, every component has been exposed to rigorous environmental and real world tests.

3,000,000 Cycles

The height sensors, manifold, and controller have undergone 3,000,000 cycles on a test rig, simulating 300,000 miles on a vehicle.

Hydro Punished

Components have all been tested in various hydro simulations to ensure they are water resistant.

Fried and Frozen

Components were baked to a blistering 167°F (74°C) and arctic chilled to -40°F to ensure they will work, whatever your climate.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Every 3H/3P system is covered against manufacturer defects with a limited lifetime warranty.

Dedicated Customer Service

Buying Air Lift Performance products means that you get access to our industry-leading customer service and technical support.